Changes in progress

These days many changes happen around the Kasino.

The Fusion of the clubs

After the extraordinary General Meeting of the officers' club and the NCO club took place, the amendment and fusion contract for the two clubs were accepted. The fusion contract has been signed by Colonel (GS) Fleischmann, chairman of the officers club, and Chief Master Sergeant Sattler, chairman of the NCO club.
Due to the amendment and renaming of the officers club to "Kasinogesellschaft Kalkar/Uedem e.V." the structure of the new Executive Board is already decided. Officer and NCO ranks are equally represented - each with four seats which are already elected.

  Officers NCOs
1st Chairman OF-5 (GS) Fleischmann OR-9 Sattler
2nd Chairman
OF-2 Trämmler OR-7 Ophey
Treasurer OF-2 Lücke OR-6 Lange
Secretary of the Board
OF-2 Raabe OR-9 Hersemeyer

The membership fee scale is not yet adopted. Instead the membership fee scales of both clubs remain valid for the first quarter of 2014 without changes. A new and homogenous membership fee scale will be adopted not earlier than the ordinary General Meeting of the Kasino in 2014.

New old premises

The garrison Kalkar/Uedem has grown up heavily what is also noticeable in the Kasino. Because building 11 - the current premises - has just place for round about 70 people we will move to building 13 in 2014 - the former premises of the NCO Club.

New Website

As you can see the website of the Kasino has been changed as well. We like to present you here and on our Facebook-Site all information and news about the Kasino. Feel free and have a look around ...

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